Decatur Dinners

1000 guests

One night

A safe place to be brave

Building Community


 Decatur Dinners

Building Community

1000 guests

One Night

a safe place to be brave

sunday, August 25, 2019

 Share a meal and have a conversation on race and Equity.

Neighbors will sit down, share stories and talk honestly to learn

what divides us

and what brings us together in the City of Decatur.

We want to build community in Decatur.  The first step -- bringing community stakeholders together in conversation. We want to have 1000 people in courageous conversations all on one night in people's homes…places of worship, and local restaurants. We will include kids, parents and community members to share stories that will deepen empathy and create connections. 

 Each dinner will have a new, Decatur-focused performance-based piece presented by Out of Hand Theater to provide a unique starting place for our dinner conversation.

 Like the rest of the nation, the City of Decatur is struggling with issues of race and equity, discrimination, gentrification, poverty and political division. We believe Decatur can lead the country in finding a way to truly talk to each other and bridge our divides. The Decatur Dinners can be a big first step in training the entire community on how to see things from a different perspective and how to better support each other.

 "Decatur Dinners" invites 1000 Guests:

  • to sit down and break bread with others who might not look or live like us, and talk honestly about racism, discrimination and poverty;

  • to break down the barriers that prevent our society from truly knowing and accepting each other, and develop practical policies and new inclusive behaviors;

  • to bring people together for next steps.

  The community "Decatur Dinners" will occur on Sunday, AUGUST 25th, 2019 from 5-8PM in homes and places where we live, work, play and worship. 




To participate in our upcoming events, please email or call us:

5/5 An Afternoon with Ryan Gravel: A Discussion on Innovation

Development, Transformation, and Equity. 4 - 6 PM
To register visit:

5/17 Cultural Competency Workshop facilitated by One Small Change

Our one day Cultural Competence workshops- offered every 3rd Friday- are designed to create dialogue and introduce “foundational” concepts for how one person can make a positive difference. Register under “Upcoming Events” at

5/19 5pm - 9pm Living Color Dialogue Dinner

At Generator: 828 Ralph McGill Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

The Living Color Dialogue Dinner will feature a sustainable farm-to-table 5-course vegan cuisine dinner. Join Chef Zu in bringing people of diverse backgrounds together over dinner to talk about racial equity in the food and farming space.

5/29-5/31 Cultural Competency Training of Facilitators with Dr. Dietra Hawkins

For more information visit here: Please contact Adria Kitchens at with any questions.

6/20 4:00 PM – 6/21 5:00 PM Just Opportunity Summit

Shirley A. Massey Conference Center, Morehouse College, 830 Westview Drive, SW, Atlanta, GA 30314The Just Opportunity Summit is a day-long conference held by the Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) on June 21, 2019 - launching with a reception on June 20, 2019 at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. PSE advances policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South. Join hundreds of community, civic, and corporate leaders learn from experts, exchange ideas and build relationships around issues of racial economic inclusion in metro Atlanta. 

8/10 World United Run for Equity & Inclusiveness 5k - Atlanta, GA 2019  

Piedmont Park

We are pleased to announce the first annual World United Run for Equity & Inclusiveness 5K. Our Atlanta 5K is just one in a series of World United Events around the World focusing on equity and inclusiveness and encouraging the graceful acceptance of diversity. 

An experience like nothing else
— Attendee