Right now in Decatur, there are numerous intersections of the efforts of many around race, equity, affordable housing...  and the Decatur Dinners are meant to be a catalyst toward broader engagement across the community and beyond. 

You're invited to put your facilitation skills to work in our community.  (Please note the organizers & sponsors on the bottom of the main (home) page... it's quite the list.) These dinners are focused on race and equity - not the easiest of subjects without skilled facilitation. To that end, we will continue to need 100’s of trained facilitators, one per table, for dinners hosted in homes, community spaces and places of worship.  

You're also invited to further your skills with a complementary one-day cultural competency training in exchange for your facilitation help to ensure dinner attendees get the most from their respective dialogue.  

If you want a deeper dive in the cultural competency work, there is a three-day workshop (for a fee) that will be hosted in Decatur.

Please direct any questions to Adria Kitchens - 

Phone: 404-966-7708